Book - Lee Glickenhaus
Nauset January Afternoon
Thunder Time

Impressions of Cape Cod

I'm excited that a collection of my Cape Cod photos is now available for viewing and/or purchase (both in hard copy and as a high quality pdf).  It's been great fun taking and editing these images - I hope they bring you even a fraction of the pleasure that the process of making them has given me.

If you click the image below you'll see a preview of the book with three icons above it. The one on the left will give you more info, the middle one will let you preview it in full screen mode (highly recommended, on a computer or tablet) and the one on the right has purchase options.

Thanks for taking a look.  If you're inclined, I'd be most appreciative if you could share this page on social media to help get the word out.


Lee Glickenhaus

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